Warp Recommendations is a book found in the Visitor Center on Fractal Island.


Title: Warp Recommendations

Author: BroTours Publishings™


Welcome to Fractal Island!

This edition of Warp Recommendations will help you become the master of exploration.

Go through the pages to find more information about some of the warps here.

1. BroCorp

Find it in the tallest office building, just north of spawn.

This is the heart of Broville, a large corporation skyscraper dealing with trade among all companies across the city.

2. Baywalk Beach

This warp is inside a house right next to the pier north of spawn.

Relax, have a drink and enjoy the leaking oil tankers passing by the sunset. This beach has it all, in a very tight space.

3. Intl. Airport

Just go across the bridge east of spawn and board the plane.

From the airport you will get the ultimate “fresh off the boat” experience when first heading into town. Or catch the Metro and go wherever you please.

4. Alpine Village

Follow the windy road up the mountain south of spawn.

You won’t regret staying at this cozy ski resort far away from any conflict or basic comfort. Try the chocolate, slide down the slopes or try to stay warm.

5. Breno

You will find this warp in a bar just south of spawn.

If you find yourself cold and lonely, Breno is the place for city nightlife. Spend your hard mined money on slot machines to try your misfortune.

6. Cathedral

Inside the church along the road just west of spawn.

The large cathedral is not only a stunning structure. It’s also surrounded by many places of interest in the Canals District.

7. Farmlands

Walk straight west from spawn and find the farmhouse.

The River Valley Farmland will fill all your peasant needs. With it’s vintage hardware shadowed by gigantic power supply fans.

8. Brolapagos

Find the small isle in the southwest part of Fractal Island.

This colorful resort needs no introduction, you’ll be in the sun 23/7 relaxing in huts or diving with deadly creatures.

That’s all for this edition of Warp Recommendations!

Before you get out there, remember to sleep after finding the warp you were looking for. But keep in mind that returning to Fractal Island can take a long time, use a compass to find the way.

BroTours Publishings™


Warp Recommendations can be obtained from a chest in the Visitor Center on Fractal Island where five of it are stored.