The Palisades is a large mall located under City Hall in downtown Broville. There are two entrances to the mall located on Bro Street and Bay Trail. The mall is L shaped and is two levels. The upper level entrance is the Bro Street entrance and the lower entrance is around the corner on Bay Trail. On the corner of Bro and Bay are the Palisade Enterprises corporate offices (pictured above). Next to the corporate offices is the Brothers Altidora restaurant and next to that is the location of the first entrance on Bro Street.

From the Bro Street entrance, you will enter Palisade Enterprises, Tourism Accommodations and Commercial Real Estate. Above this store is a food court and the backside of the store connects to the rest of the mall. There is one vacancy on the upper level and the other two stores are Gimley’s Weapons and New Shoes by Old Shoes.

From the Bay Trail entrance, there are two store fronts facing the street which are Electronic Peasantry and Dark’Nest Nether Goods. The other stores on this level are Culturity Imports, Store Mart, and the Redstone Repository. Above the Bay Trail entrance is Panama Investments and a Brobucks Coffee.