Phony Communications is an internet and phone service provider in Broville. As usual with phone and internet providers, Phony has a bad reputation for shady business practices. The headquarters is located on Jake Avenue next to Jerry’s Construction Firm. The building is 8 stories tall and is one of the tallest buildings in downtown Broville. The building is constructed with primarily stone bricks with sand stone accents around the windows and the company’s logo on the top floor on both sides of the building. The interiors are primarily constructed with various types of wood, stone and quartz. The floors of this building are as follows:

  • Floor 1 & 2 – Lobby
  • Floor 3 – Customer Disservices
  • Floor 4 – Finance
  • Floor 5 – Marketing
  • Floor 6 – R&D
  • Floor 7 – Operations
  • Floor 8 – Executives