Most of the unnamed roads on Fractal Island

Roads on Fractal Island that don’t have a name. As they don’t have a name, it is not possible to tell where one road ends and another one starts, so for the sake of documentation, the system has been divided into four unnamed roads that are each described below.

Road 1

Unnamed Road 1

The first unnamed road starts at the west edge of the city and ends by merging with the second unnamed road. At the start is the Lumberjack Forest and a path leading to Cracka’s Fireworks. One can also take this path to get to Vacation Island and the other warps on the west side of the island. Taking the road to the east brings you to the Vineyard, Trailer and Blacksmith on the right. After that, you can turn right to the West Road or left to the Farm. The last two stops on the road are the Rich Home and the School House on the left.

Road 2

Unnamed Road 2

The second unnamed road starts at the city center and ends by merging with the fourth unnamed road. The first stop is a small alleyway housing the entrance to the Hobo Dungeon. The next and in fact last building at this road is the Medical Clinic. After that, the first unnamed road merges with this one and continues on to the fourth unnamed road.

Road 3

Unnamed Road 3

The third unnamed road is by far the shortest of the bunch. It starts at the North Road and ends by merging into the forth unnamed road. It only connects to one building, which is the Town Hall on the left side. Part of this rode is a bridge that runs over the entrance to the Timeless Cave.

Road 4

Unnamed Road 4

The fourth unnamed road is circular and runs around the Not So Small Home. Connected to it is the Small Home as well as unnamed roads 2 and 3. The Castle Tower and the Graveyard can also be accessed from here.