Fractal Island

Fractal Island is the location players will spawn at when first entering the map. It is a miniature version of Broville and thus has many of the same locations in a different form. Most buildings have a warp to their counterpart in the city.


Fractal Island has about the same structure as Broville. City and swamp in the north, mountains in the south, taiga in the east and forest, jungle and desert in the west, though the jungle here is just a normal forest. The island is surrounded by ocean which you can use to travel to Broville by boat. Sail south-west from Vacation Island and you will arrive at the light house.


The city

The city is the point of interest on Fractal Island and contains the largest amount of warps. The center is the spawnpoint of new players entering the map. Directly attached to it are the Sheriff’s Office, the Visitors Center and The Ol’ Breno Bar. The North Road, West Road, and South Road go off it.


Fractal Island only has four named roads: North Road, East Road, South Road, and West Road. They lead to the cardinal direction they are named after. It is unclear if the other roads are extensions of the main roads and thus have the same name, or if they are different and just don’t have a name. For the sake of documentation, they are compiled together as unnamed roads.



Warp Locations

Below is a list of locations that warp you to another place in Broville.