FABCORP is a building on Fractal Island that houses a warp to BroCorp.


FABCORP is located at the North Road on Fractal Island. To the left is a small alleyway leading to the entrance to the Hobo Dungeon. To the right is Unnamed Road 3.


Ground Floor

The ground floor has a welcome desk with a chair and a potted plant. Next to the desk are some seats and a carpet. In the other corner is a staircase going up to the first floor. In front of the door leading outside are some pressure plates and a doormat. The ceiling is made of smooth stone that turns into slabs at the walls. The room is lit by three lamps and eight windows.

First Floor

The first floor contains two desks with a computer and a chair each. The corners are occupied by two plants, a water dispenser and a staircase leading to the ground floor. On the floor is a carpet. The ceiling is the same as the one on the ground floor. This floor also houses the warp to BroCorp.


Location: BroCorp

Coordinates: -210 99 1835

Message: “<Console> You have chosen: Pencil Pusher, Good luck in life!”