Start of the East Road
The East Road trailing off into nature

The East Road is one of the four main roads on Fractal Island that leads from the North Road to the east end of the island.


The East Road starts at the North Road, leads over a bridge, goes along a small beach and eventually trails off into nature at the east end of the island. Before the bridge, on the left side is the entrance to the Bridge House. The path to the Lighthouse is also there, hidden behind some plants. On the right side, directly in front of the bridge, leads a road to the harbor area. This road goes by a small basketball court, the Harbor Shed and the Brompton House.

The Harbor Area
A small Basketball Court

After the bridge, the road gets windier but has also less buildings connected to it. The first one after the bridge is the Forest Cabin with its Outhouse. The next one, this time on the left, is Trans-Oceanic Flights. After that, the road trails off into nature, seemingly leading to the Military Island.