City Center

The city center is the default spawnpoint of every player and the center of Fractal Island. Things that can be found here include sings explaining what Fractal Island and this map is, a chest with a few books, a button that teleports you to the city and a button that toggles your gamemode.


The city center is a circular plaza mostly made out of stone. In the middle is a redstone lamp covered by light blue glass that is surrounded by iron blocks. East of it is a small patch of gravel with the sings and buttons. The South Road goes off in the south-east, the North Road in the north-east and the West Road in the west of it. In the south is The Ol’ Breno Bar and in the north the Sheriff’s Office. On the left next to that is a small, unnamed road. On the north-west corner is the Visitors Center.

Map Information

The map information comes in the form of two rows of signs and a chest with five books. The first row of signs reads:

This is Fractal Island, the hub of the entire map. Most buildings have a unique teleport to a different part of the main city. Located to the left and right of these signs are buttons to take you to the city right away and change your game mode. We recommend playing on Survival mode. Have fun!

The Broville Team

The second row of signs reads:

Over 60 people have worked to bring you the ultimate Minecraft City experience. We have spent years creating a one of a kind Minecraft map for you to explore, build, destroy, and inhabit as you see fit! We suggest first exploring in survival mode, then creative mode later. Will you find all the hidden secrets?

The Broville Team

To the left of the sings is a button that teleports you to the city, specifically to -460, 88.5, 1867 which is in front of the pickaxe statue. The button on the right toggles your gamemode between survival and creative. To the right of the sings is also a chest containing five books. The first one is “Trigger Warning” by Oldshoes:

TRIGGER WARNING: This map contains language that some may find offensive.

As there have been over 65+ individuals who have contributed to the map, I (Oldshoes) cannot control every single thing put down into a book or sign. I also cannot control their senses of humor and what they may or may not find suitable to crack jokes about.

I (Oldshoes) have done my best to edit any blatantly offensive material I have come across in the map. I do not believe it is acceptable to just be offensive for the being offensive. If there was no obvious joke or commentary going on with the the language, I modified it.

Having said that, you may still come across some language you find inappropriate.

You have been warned!


The second book is a list of every team member, which for the sake of being too much work will be omitted here. You can see all the builders on the Builders page. The third book is “Some Special Thanks” by Golonka:

Just wanted to thank a few special people for their outstanding contributions I’ve witnessed over the years.

Oldshoes is obviously the mind behind the project, who kept trusting in us even if we made his life a living nightmare!

Darkfox always seemed to get along, even if we kept reconstructing her neighborhoods.

Sburc just wanted a place to hang out, while putting up his signature anti-jokes.

It’s believed that Descole was logged in 24/7 doing his thing.

Ultra_Dank would always be the perfectionist who really cared about every detail.

Moneybob set the cornerstones in some of the most beautiful buildings.

Jrodsqod had great visions, and delivered on those plans.

Khoraker kept blowing our minds with his spectacular dungeons.

Megatrontehcube and Ditherliss were determined to make all the interior they could bare.

Metalus would never quit his plans to industrialize the continent, he was brave.

Vayeate’s long lasting service as batman will be remembered.

I hate having to pick people like this, because the contributions from all team members matter.

Everyone got a chance to put a mark that represents themselves, and to inspire eachother to keep creating.

Thank you all.


The fourth book is “Just a note” by Descole_:

Hey, I’m Des

Nothing much to say, but its been a pleasure bringing this map to you.

Got a tumblr,

check it out of you feel like.

Seriously though,

it has been a great fun to bring this map to you on the 3.5 years I have worked on it. All the projects, jokes, and different people I met were amazing, and it was definitely worth it.


(cringe ASCII art)


The fifth and final book in the chest is “TWO BEST DUDES” by Oldshoes:

Special shout outs to Golonka and Descole_.

The map literally would not be finished without the dedication and patience exhibited by these two.

I have had the pleasure to get to know each of them over the years and I’m quite thrilled that they decided to stick around and help make this map possible.

It certainly took a village, but without these two we’d really be without a hope in hell.

Thank you Golonka and Descole for everything you have done for Broville!