Located on the corner of Lombard St. and Pointless Path, City Hall is where all of Broville’s big decisions are being made. City Hall is home of the mayor’s office. The current mayor is Old Shoes.

The building is constructed mostly of stone, jungle wood, and oak wood and has a large tower with redstone powered lights. Under the backside of the building, there are many shops and businesses.

The interior is constructed with stone, various woods, and decorative quartz throughout. The first floor is primarily made up of reception and offices (including Old Shoes’s Office which appears to have been abandoned long ago). In the basement, there is a courtroom where many important issues are debated. On the second floor, you will find various meeting rooms, lounges, a kitchen and an outdoor garden area.

The third floor contains more offices, a dignitary suite, and the Council of Foreign Relations which is where representative of other sovereign cities come to debate policy. And lastly, the rooftop access leads to a garden area, along with a suite for the tower keeper. Be sure to stop by City Hall during your trip to Broville and leave a complaint for Old Shoes!