Located at 11 Boardwalk Ave., down the street from the downtown beach, is the Broville Beat headquarters. Broville Beat is the main source of news for the whole city and publishes weekly papers that are still only 25 cents! The building is constructed of various types of wood, stone, and a quartz dome over the top floor. The interior is primarily constructed of various types of wood. Outside of the HQ, you will find one of the Broville Beat street signs that can be found throughout the city. These signs have all of the big stories listed from the previous issue of the newspaper.

Once inside, you will find a beautiful water feature, provided by the City Aquarium LLC, along the back wall of the lobby. The floors of the building are as follows:

Floor 0 – Lobby

Floor 1 – Beat HQ

Floor 2 – BrOK Mag HQ

Floor 3 – Executives

Floor 4 – Servers and Printing

Floor 5 – Editor in Chief