Located on the corner of Shakur Plaza and St. Amaru Street is the BanHammar Tower. This is one of the many corporate office buildings in downtown Broville and is home to many businesses. The tower is constructed primarily of stone and quartz blocks with jungle wood accents. The interiors are unique to each floor but primarily consist of wood, wool and other common interior blocks.

The ground floor consists of a large lobby and a water feature. On the other side of the reception desk is the staircase that will take you to the upper floors, which are as follows:

  1. Floor 1: Brotech Web Services – a tech support call center
  2. Floor 2: BroForce Staffing LTD – a recruiting firm
  3. Floor 3: J.A. Sellout Consulting – a consulting firm
  4. Floors 4 & 5: FoxCreek Properties – a commercial real estate firm