It’s A Mirage!

bro83-200finalNo! It’s an update to the blog! Yes I know I failed to mention the Christmas Demo when it was released, but now I’m here to post about the progress in v11.

As usual things are slow but steady. Overall progress on filling random gaps in buildings is good, it’s actually kind of hard to find an empty lot for new building ideas. While not directly related, another big thing in in the past months has been updating and revitalizing some areas that look out of place, basically they looked OLD. Things made over two years ago stand out like a cold sore compared to the newer buildings.  Another thing that sticks out (to me at least) is some of the old “landscaped” areas that consist of a few regular trees and grass placed with bonemeal, complete with the mustard and ketchup mess that are the yellow and red flowers.

Bigger projects such as the swamp castle, airport, army base, spaceport, nuclear plant, SOLAR, and various hidden areas are in varying stages of completion. The most finished being the army base, airport, spaceport and swamp castle.

Interiors lately have actually seen a huge amount of progress with the addition of a few new team members specifically doing them. It’s hard to find people who only want to do interiors (and can meet our stupid unreasonable expectations) so their contributions have been very noticeable. Loads of businesses, homes, offices, practices, apartments, hotels, restaurants, you name it. Really brings out the “life” of the city.

The amount of detail does come at a cost. Performance in some areas of the map, mainly downtown and the stretch of road featured in the first demo (Twin Pines Mall), can get pretty bad. Without Optifine installed we’re talking <20 FPS. With Optifine performance is significantly better, I definitely will be recommending that people install it before complaining to me about it.

If you have questions get me on Tumblr, and if you’re so inclined subscribe to the Subleddit.

Here are some 4k renders to play you out, keyboard cat. They’re big.

bro85-200wm_full bro87-200wm_full

Lmao 2 Year!!1

It’s officially been two years since the Broville v11 project began. Fuck me!

We’re still going, of course. New things every day.


There are many things that still require attention, but in the end I think it will be worth it. I can say without a shadow of a doubt nothing like this has been done in Minecraft before.


Thanks for sticking with us!


Bi-Yearly Update

Hello everyone! Despite some recent distractions on my part (Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and Dark Souls 2) things are still progressing in Broville at their usual rate (glacial pace).

My Tumblr is much more frequently updated with new material, so look there if you are wondering if I am dead.

Here are some misc. screenshots to play you out, keyboard cats.

2014-04-07_19.59.35 2014-03-13_15.31.16

2014-04-26_16.10.41 2014-03-28_14.06.52

2014, still playing Minecraft

We finally launched the Broville v11 demo in December and the reception has been bretty gud. It has over 1200 downloads which I think is fair for something we didn’t promote very hard outside our existing “community”.

2014-01-21_22.55.00 2014-01-21_22.23.27

Progress since the demo has more or less been the same. New things coming up here and there including an entirely new area of town called Braudling County.

Of course an entirely new neighbourhood needed the appropriate infrastructure put in place to access the rest of the city, so a bridge spanning the bay was installed to connect it. The bridge also provides easier access to the airport. Some of you are saying, “Oldshoes, you said there would never be a big bridge!” and you’re right, but I changed my mind. Doing it also allowed for this wicked overpass to be made:


Other new developments include a full Chinatown (at the base of the bridge on the downtown side), a botanical garden, an “Easter Island” inspired island, as well as all the usual new building here and there.

Moving ahead

2013-12-13_00.48.49I’ve been thinking about how best to proceed with Broville and it’s distribution. With the highly anticipated demo of the year coming on December 25th, I need to start getting together some kind of platform that’s a bit more professional than just a link to Mediafire. I also need to think about suitable alternatives because the file size of the full map is well over 200mb, most free hosting site’s file size limit.

Ideally I want to have the download on my own host, as well as utilize a torrent. I think giving people the choice of preferred download method is good and if people wanna be cool they can seed the map for others.

In terms of actual progress on that map things have been going well. We have a few new builders lately, LordDescole and Bickerteeth who have been making some nice additions. Golonka, another one of the more newer builders, has been a huge problem asset to the team with many great contributions.

My plan is to update this blog more often with more details about what’s going on in Broville, so you’ll actually have a reason to come back to this website.

I will leave you with some screens.

2013-12-13_00.35.47 2013-12-14_01.17.47
2013-12-14_01.18.21 2013-12-14_02.09.41

New Look!

A slight update/facelift to the site in preparation for the Broville v11 demo launch!

Totally cool “Web 2.0” blah blah responsive design weedoo woaohwohw.

Here are some recent Broville screens:

2013-12-04_22.54.47 2013-12-04_21.02.28 2013-12-01_20.44.11 2013-11-30_12.59.37 2013-11-26_22.52.35 2013-11-21_12.53.49

Broville v11 When?

Let me break it down:

I don’t know!

Having said that, I’m feeling optimistic that it will be finished! Whenever that may be.


Click to download in full resolution (10mb)

Things are progressing at an acceptable rate. We have the mountains finally coming together (thanks you to yours truly), a large neighbourhood near the university, several large developed ~secrets~, and a surprising amount of interiors complete. There is still a lot to do.

As you can see on the map there’s a big empty flat space in the middle of the continent. This is going to be the farm area. Rolling fields of crops, livestock, barns, silos, all that kind of shit. I figure we’ll get cracking on that area when 1.6 comes out, adding horses and the hay bail block. We already have a line of rail running through the area that connects to the port to expand off of. There’s already a small farm community in a bend in the river that has a few small houses/fields.

2013-06-01_18.56.34I’ve spent a lot of time on the mountains. Using Voxel Sniper I’ve been able to turn the large pile of mashed potatoes that Thoth so nicely put together for me into majestic, sweeping, and breath-taking vistas with wide valleys.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting closer.

The end is near!