header-downtown-broville-1920It’s been almost a year since the release of Broville v11! Wow! In this time, we have accumulated over 57,000 downloads! This is definitely lower than v10’s 315,000 downloads, but I am still pleased with the number. Minecraft for PC had peaked well before the release of v11. Taking well over four years to release the map itself probably didn’t help either.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who downloaded the map! I hope that you were able to find some enjoyment in exploring our little world. I sometimes wish I could have my memory selectively suppressed for some time to be able to explore it for the first time myself. I have been enjoying watching Abolonebani’s series of videos in Broville, it’s as close to seeing it with fresh eyes as I am able to get.

In the time since releasing the map, I have more or less stopped playing Minecraft entirely. I have spent innumerable hours in the game during my six years of playing, so leaving on Broville felt like a pretty good thing to do.

However this means I currently no longer have the time, energy, or motivation to update the map in any meaningful way. Minecract 1.14 sounds like it is creating a whole bunch of block meta related changes (including officially bringing back our coveted “full slab”!). This potentially means a shitstorm of new issues in bringing it up to date. The command blocks more so than anything would take an incredible amount of time and effort to not only track them all down, but then update the commands and THEN make sure everything still works as intended. The core team members who were primarily responsible for the command block configurations and redstone machines are also more or less finished with the game.

I am open to talking with anyone who feels like they would be up to take on the task of updating the command blocks, etc. Like, seriously, I have some ideas but would need to know you know what you’re doing first :^)
Email me: oldshoesbro at gmail dot com.