Work has begun on the next version of Broville. We are starting from the ground up on this one with an entirely new map and city from the previous 1-10 versions. Though it’s a new city we have plenty of ideas to incorporate the old city into this one.

We started with building the BroCorp building first because it set the scale for the rest of the city. It was decided (I made it a rule) that buildings shouldn’t be higher than the bottom of the sign (y124) and larger base (over 25^3). We wanted the larger buildings downtown to be more “modern” than most of the other buildings so we rigged all the floors to be fully lit by redstone lamps.  The end plan for all that is to be able to toggle the lights of a building floor by floor which we think would be pretty neat.

In total there are eight usable floors in the tower. It’s not many, but each floor is large enough to accommodate plenty of detail. Floors range from being cramped cubicles to spacious executive private offices on the higher floors. With the addition of the inverted stairs and steps we have been able to make things that at least look a little bit more like desks rather than a few full bricks. It’s still hard to really pull of desktop computers without a extensive reskin of one type of rarely used block, which we would very much rather avoid.

There is a tight catwalk and maintenance area for the space that contains all the lights behind the BroCorp sign. Below this area through a glass roof sits a “server room” that’ is “cooled by the clouds”. Since clouds still pass through buildings (still) it’s kind of a write off for anything office related so we decided that a server room would be a good use of the space. Above the catwalk is the main office which has a window looking out of one of the R’s in the exterior sign.

There is still much to be done but progress on the city has gone very well over the past week. We are still fleshing out the downtown area as well as beginning an industrial seaport. There are many ideas being thrown around so I won’t comment on what we will or won’t be making right now but I know it will be fuckin sweet.