The Definitive Minecraft City

Must use Minecraft version 1.10.2 for features to work properly

Can still be played in later game versions!


Over 800 Unique Buildings

Visit fully detailed houses, shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pet shops & more.

Hidden Secrets

Discover ancient lost ruins, mega corporations, military installations, mad laboratories and other mysteries.

100% "Hand Made"

Every building and interior in Broville is painstakingly created one by one, no scripts, no copy and pasting.

Custom Created Terrain

Explore snow capped mountains, towering mesa canyons, dense jungles, wind-swept plains, burning deserts & other custom biomes.

Redstone Wizardry

Complex redstone and command block programming create interesting and exciting scenarios to challenge and test adventurers.

Collectible Items

Find hundreds of custom-named items and equipment with their own attributes and flavour text to enhance immersion during exploration.

 A sandbox and exploration based Minecraft city map

Broville v11 is a fully detailed city and continent custom-built in Minecraft. From 2012-2016, over 60 people contributed in creating an immersive and fun world to explore, build and destroy as you see fit!

The city of Broville was originally created in 2010. The city and landscape is primarily a blend of “west coast of North America” features and buildings, though many areas of the map have influences from across the real world.

Our philosophy from day one was to create a fun and exciting, truly “Minecraft” city. A place for people to immerse themselves in and hopefuly provide a sense of exciment and adventure. We hope that you won’t be disappointed!


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Builder Credits

Addelburgh, AshleyFox118 aka DarkFox118, Bacu, Baron_Samedi, bickerteeth, Bobson_, bobwoco, castlemike, ChipUK, combatmedic, Czakima, Descole_, Ditherliss, Dizigma, DMAN1030, DocTrev, Dresden260, Drewpeesax, Envaris123, FalconRed, Fish_XCV, Foomonchoo, GamingHost, Gargladdy, Goboguy, Golonka, HapsyColour, Herobrine, IndianaWillB, Intruder, jrodsqod, KajTaotsu, kawaii342, khoraker, Konegido, LukasMaps, mastersteviekun, megatrontehcube, Mentalgen, metalus, Mofman, mokrithorr, Molybdenim, moneybob, Nadaz, nrub, Oldshoes, OwenLudwig, peacebr8ker, pheonix74, PratTz, QuantumEcho, resir014, sburc009, South_Paw, Tarkis, Terre1620, thebkbroyler, Thoth17, ultra_dank, Vayeate_OZ, vdetommaso, WorldShaper_, yumstheman, Z31, and anyone else I missed (sorry!)

Updates & Changelog

December 8th 2016

Thanks for our anonymous and not so anonymous fans for reporting problems!
Special thanks to MelonKony for providing more in depth reports!

  • Fixed outdated command blocks in the Natural History Museum
  • Rewrote broken sign in FSHAirways Office containing “#”
  • Fixed Old Town Station signs saying “Broville Bluffs”
  • Repaired dinner room floor in Canopy Corp Mansion
  • Fixed various street name signs
  • Removed forgotten pre-release signs from several locations.
  • Improved the road map and added a new district map in the Maps Folder
  • Added Herobrine


Downtown Broville
Downtown Broville
Breno - Casino District
Downtown Broville
European style canals
Farms and foothills
Natural History Museum
Rail yard
Farms and foothills
Natural History Museum

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