New Renders

I made some new renders of the Brototype build. I added some more as well as some other renders to the gallery.

With 1.3 quickly approaching I hope to wrap up this build and get it out for the patch. After that comes the process of looking for a new map to start the new Broville in. The jury is still out on what the name of the new map will be. There have been a few suggestions but nothing permanent.


We’ve been trying out some “brototypes” for the next Broville map we’re starting after the 1.3 patch next month.

I decided to move away from the smoothstone frames because they don’t, and probably will never, have a slab and stair variation. The stone brick is perfect in that regard. The new coloured wood planks have also added a nice variation in the >square buildings.

We’ve been able to add a lot of extra detail with the new aesthetic to create more unique buildings but still keep it looking like “classic Broville”.

Almost the entire old crew and a few new people are already on board and with all the new things being added in 1.3 it’s going to be the best Broville ever.

SimCity 4 SPAM mod

I’ve been trying some new plugins from SimPeg. Mainly the SPAM mod and Random Woods from the MTP set. I don’t know why I haven’t used it before, it’s a total overhaul of the vanilla farm mechanics and looks. There’s also a bush brush (I can’t remember what the download was called) but it’s been making the transitions between forest and coast so much nicer.

Minecraft Renders & Happenings

I recently put up a new map for download, the Isolated Island Fort. Check it out!

I’ve also been enamored with a new program called Chunky. It was created by a Swedish guy named llbit and it’s possibly the easiest and most convenient way of rendering scenes from Minecraft maps.

Here are a few examples of the kind of things Chunky can do:

With it you’re able to control the sun’s xyz coordinates and intensity, emitter (torches, glowstone, fire) intensity, skybox texture, lighting colour as well as the camera fov, dof and focus.

It’s a “ray trace” type of render, I don’t know what it means but it looks cool as fuck. It’s being constantly updated by llbit and new features/tweaks are added with each version. The other half of the program allows you to cut, copy, paste, remove, and prune chunks in a map. I just learned this and it blew my mind that I don’t have to use MCEdit anymore.

I put up a whole new gallery of all the renders I’ve made, check it out!

New Website, Still Shit

Welp I’ve made this into an actual website now instead of just HTML typed in Notepad.

I’ll be posting things regarding the server, maps I put out, and other Minecraft related things here.